Dolly Parton Relates A Lasting Childhood Fear, Receives TV Honors

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Country music marvel Dolly Parton remains an enduring beam of hope and light through the siege of the pandemic.  The worldwide ambassador for hope and generosity generates goodwill in every language.  Fans of every ethnicity, language, and background sing her timeless songs and feel uplifted by her contagious spirit.

As it turns out, the same fearless Dolly Parton who rose above innumerable hardships with her 11 siblings in her youth still carries a fear from her early years, as a Showbiz CheatSheet feature conveys.  Nonetheless, as with every dilemma she encounters, Dolly Parton turns a negative situation into a vessel of healing and understanding for others.  The inspiring, ageless lady who teaches us all how to “Shine” is still getting noticed in the best ways for finding ways to reach hearts in dark times.

The full ‘Coat of Many Colors’ story takes Dolly Parton to a dark place

“Coat of Many Colors” ranks of the top of most cherished Dolly Parton songs for most country music lovers.  The 1971 ballad extols both the faith and loving perseverance of Dolly’s mother, Avie Lee Parton, in piecing together a much-needed coat for her daughter out of rags donated by neighbors.  Country Music Alley celebrated Dolly’s gratitude in the opening of a full floral tribute to her mother and the autobiographical story song this year at Dollywood.

While the song stops short of Dolly Parton’s fate after being made fun of for wearing the garment she treasured, holding “every stitch with love,” the 2015 TV movie captured the full, fearful saga of the songwriter’s experience.  Parton was stuffed into a dark closet and left.  The nightmarish stunt leaves Dolly Parton psychologically scarred, but never defeated.

“It’s amazing how kids can be cruel without knowing that they are,”  Dolly Parton stresses in her 2020 song memoir, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics.  “I was so afraid of the dark,” the future legend confesses.   Parton further elaborates that the “traumatic thing” prompted her to be “shattered” in her efforts to “try to put the pieces together” as she attempted a lesson that her classmates “didn’t want to know.”  Since that time, however, countless millions have been comforted and strengthened by Dolly Parton’s resolve, candor, and empathy for others.

When the noted journalist, Chet Flippo, wrote about Dolly Parton in a Rolling Stone profile in 1977, the Texas writer details that “Dolly herself will not go to sleep without a light on.”  The reason is hardly a wonder.  It’s no wonder that Dolly does her best to keep children comforted with bedtime stories and holiday fun.

‘Goodnight with Dolly’ gets lots of Telly Award goodies

When Dolly Parton isn’t on a stage somewhere performing, even one from her home in Tennessee, she spends time supporting her mission for literacy with her Imagination Library, aided by armies of community helpers across the United States and abroad.

Besides turning the pages of a book from the Imagination Library from mommy’s lap, no child loves anything more than a bedtime story from Dolly Parton, lovingly known as “The Book Lady” and sometimes, “Mother Goose” by her millions of preschool admirers.

During the pandemic, Dolly Parton and her production partners at S. D. Professionals “pivoted” their focus from in-person literacy projects to bring the books and the founder up-close and cozy with the kids.  As Business Insider notes, “Goodnight with Dolly” launched in April 2020 as a 10-series of bedtime stories straight from Dolly and screened on YouTube and social media platforms.  Parton’s intention was to give children something to look forward to and give weary parents a tiny pandemic break from doing everything.

Gold and silver

Obviously, the Telly Awards, which honor excellence in video and television across all screens, loved what Dolly Parton and her gang of good-doers put together.  “Goodnight with Dolly” takes a Gold Telly in the Non-scripted Online Web series category.  Silver Telly Awards come for Music in an Online Web series, Education and Discovery in an Online Web series, and for Media & Entertainment in a Social Video Series.  Congrats to all!

Of course, Dolly Parton loves to keep things local and close to her stomping grounds.  She and her association with S.D. Professionals go back 20 years.  The media business takes the helm for the superstar’s expansive website and also manages the media for her Imagination Library.

“Dolly always comes through as a shining light in some of our darkest times,” Jacob Timmons spoke on behalf of S. D. Professionals. “We’re honored to be part of that journey.”  Once more, Dolly Parton turns darkness into light.

How about an Emmy nomination as an early Christmas gift?

No one else but Dolly Parton brings light, love, and music to Christmas in its most uncertain time.  Portraying her favorite character, and angel, the songwriter took on her first TV musical with Christmas on the Square.  The unparalleled Parton wrote all new songs for the Netflix holiday treat.  She includes the theme song on her 2020 Christmas album, A Holly Dolly Christmas.

Already, Santa double-checked his Nice List, and Dolly Parton’s name was there.  The multitalented entertainment dynamo likely feels delighted that her first TV musical nabs an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Television Movie and Outstanding Choreography for Scripted Programming, as local Tennessee affiliate, reports. Debbie Allen deserves that well-earned nod.

Remarkably, Dolly Parton performs a divine intervention during the filming of Christmas on the Square.  The “Love Is Like a Butterfly” singer rushed to gently pull young dancer, Talia Hill, out of the path of oncoming vehicles on the set.  Talk about inhabiting a role.

Dolly Parton fondly holds all her young co-stars in her heart and memory, including Alyvia Alyn Lind from Coat of Many Colors and its Circle of Love holiday follow-up.  Whether it’s Christmas, a challenging pandemic, or any other day, Dolly is doing divine work.

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