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Oliver Anthony is one of the biggest names in country music at the moment. However, he already branching out to new genres despite recent success. What will this do to his career? Will he gain more fans or lose the country lovers he currently has?

Oliver Anthony’s Current Success With Country

Within the past few weeks, Oliver Anthony went from an average guy sharing his songs on YouTube to a well-known country artist. Oliver blew up overnight with his song “Rich Men North Of Richmond.” His song hit the top charts within a matter of hours, and his view count skyrocketed to record-breaking heights.

Fans love Anthony’s raw and real lyrics and how humble and real he is. This is just a normal human with a lucky break, and he has been nothing but grateful. Oliver has spent hours with fans, learning about them and their lives and connecting with them on a deeper level. It is not only his music that is changing people’s hearts, but his actions as well.

Oliver Anthony stands out from other artists simply because of how normal he appears, and the fame has not yet clouded his judgment or perspectives. He has had two very successful performances thus far, sharing his country music and spending time with fans. Now, this small-town country artist is stepping into the big world of rock music.

Oliver Anthony Will Be In An Upcoming Rock Concert

Blue Ridge Rock Festival made a post a few days ago on their Facebook that announced Oliver Anthony would be joining the stage with a handful of rock headliners. A few other artists that will attend include Slipknot, Death Punch, EvaneScence, Five Finger Death Punch, Pantera, and dozens more.

Blue Ridge is the largest rock and camping festival in North America. This next event is scheduled to take place September 7th-10th in Alton, Virginia. The event is huge, as it includes some of the biggest names in rock and metal. Oliver Anthony was invited regardless of the genre. Even more surprising, all tickets are already sold out, making rock history according to the event’s X page.

How Fans Are Responding To Oliver Anthony’s Appearance

Oliver Anthony may be a little out of place in the rock scene, but fans are extremely excited to see him at this event. According to a comment from Blue Ridge Rock Festival on their Facebook page, “Initially, Oliver was only going to be performing for VIP and Rockstar Ticketholders, because the Acoustic Stage is only open to VIP/Rockstar. HOWEVER, we and Oliver have all heard your requests and are very excited to share that we have worked with Production to find a way to squeeze in a Main Stage set that will be open to all!!”

The date and time of his performance have not yet been released but will be announced 10 to 14 days before the festival.

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