HARDY Returns To The Stage After Battling Anxiety

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Although country music singer Michael Hardy, who goes by just HARDY, topped the charts in 2023 with his album, The Mockingbird & THE CROW, the singer has been around country music for some time as a songwriter. He wrote songs for stars like Blake Shelton, Morgan Wallen, Chris Lane, and even Florida Georgia Line.

While HARDY knows the cost of fame, the singer recently startled fans when he canceled several shows. To make it worse, Hardy even spent time inside the hospital. With fans worried and rumors circulating, on Thursday, HARDY returned to the stage at the First National Bank Arena in Arkansas to a roaring crowd.

Appearing to be his usual self once again, HARDY played through a few songs before stopping, hoping to address the crowd. Wanting to express his gratitude and his own struggles, the singer admitted to not wanting to cry but insisted, “I’m dealing with some stuff right now and I really hate that I had to do what I had to do last week and cancel shows, but it’s something that I had to do for myself and if you know me, you know how hard that was.”

HARDY Thanks Fans For Support

Reassuring fans that he is “okay,” HARDY continued, “I’ve experienced more love and positive words, positive vibes, prayers, thoughts from y’all in the past two weeks than I have ever experienced in my life and with something like anxiety and depression people are embarrassed about it and I don’t know why because it’s real and it sucks and it’s terrifying.” Knowing that he wasn’t the only one struggling, the songwriter drew support from his fans.


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Given the sold-out crowd in attendance, HARDY appeared overwhelmed by the burst of cheers coming from the audience. He claimed that before walking on the stage, he once again felt the anxiety. Yet, he revealed, “As soon as I got on this stage, something in my brain said this is what you’re meant to do and you’re meant to be here tonight and just relax and put on a show.”

The Accident That Started It All

Just last year, HARDY found himself in the hospital after his tour bus overturned just outside of Nashville. Treated for significant injuries and released, the star posted just a few weeks ago that he needed some time. In the Instagram post, he wrote, “I’ve been dealing with some serious anxiety since the bus accident last year and over the last two weeks”. Noting that it took control of his life, the singer claimed he suffered panic attacks that caused him to go to the hospital.

Recovering and dealing with his anxiety, HARDY currently headlines on his The Mockingbird & THE CROW Tour. Featuring artists like Lainey Wilson, the tour runs until December 9.

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