Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman Stay On The Same Page In Passion, Parenting, & Skincare Products

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Go to any country music celebration, from the CMA Awards, the ACM Awards, or a noble country music cause that brings good friends and great music together, and it’s a promise that Keith Urban and his bride of 15 years, Nicole Kidman, are somewhere in attendance.  Whether the world-famous New Zealander is shredding guitar riffs on the stage or cozying up with Nicole, Keith Urban stakes out territory on the front row.  The affectionate couple adamantly displays support for one another and an absolute affinity for Music City.

By the same token, Keith Urban stands solidly in support of Nicole Kidman through the landmark moments of her career.  From the Academy Awards to the Golden Globes last March as a family on the sofa, the artist, husband, and father shows nothing but stalwart pride and unity for his spouse.

Time seems never to tarnish the flame of romance and passion between the pair savoring every second of life in their mid-50s.  In fact, Kidman still got absolutely giddy with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show in recounting the predawn morning when Keith Urban sat on the stoop of her New York apartment with a beautiful bouquet of gardenias.

It’s hardly surprising that Nicole Kidman gushes with good things to say about her husband and their life together in a gorgeous Harper’s Bazaar cover story to coincide with her hit Hulu miniseries, Nine Perfect Strangers, as Yahoo confirms.  When it comes to their true-life love story, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman need no script to stay utterly in unison.  Keith just needs a lot less attention to his daily beauty regimen.

Still in love and working through ‘stuff’

Regardless of the partners, being half of any couple under the glare of celebrity and worldwide attention is a chore.  In addition, the demands of status and career only compound the pressures.  Every couple copes with the stresses of everyday life. For Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, however, the calls and e-mails never stop coming.

“We’re always working through stuff,” Nicole Kidman candidly confesses.  Still, the star clarifies quickly, interjecting “But it’s very love-based.”  Like all couples, the Kidman-Urban alliance understands the power of compromise and listening.  “There’s an enormous amount of give and take,” Nicole assures.  For certain, any union that stands the test of time takes real effort and making the daily decision to stay with it, especially through the tough going.

Keith and Nicole aim for the best for each other

“I want him to have the best life he can have,” Nicole Kidman asserts regarding Keith Urban.  Naturally, “he responds the same way,” Kidman confirms.

Of course, another universal truth for every successful family is that parents want an even better life for their children.  Incredibly, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman share lovely daughters who are no longer little girls.  On the contrary, Sunday Rose is now a teenager and her little sister, Faith Margaret, isn’t far behind at 10.  Beyond any material advantage, both girls are blessed by parents who keep them as a priority.

“We really love parenting together,” Nicole Kidman declares.  One decision is very deliberate for both her and Keith Urban.  One parent is always there for their daughters.  The ever-in-demand mom and dad make any adjustments needed to make sure that Sunday and Faith have the anchor of a parent’s presence.

Staying ageless with Keith and Nicole

Not so surprisingly, the subject of the 15th-anniversary photo shared by Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman came up.  In actuality, the slathery, sensual shot took place at a 2017 Oscar party for the renowned photographer, JR.  The shutterbug asked Nicole and Keith if they wanted a portrait.  The statuesque Kidman, dressed to the nines, suggests “Baby, kiss my neck.” Well, as the world knows now, Keith Urban went a little rogue, and the result is wonderful!

Neither Keith Urban nor Nicole Kidman needs enhancements to draw any camera in their direction.  Nonetheless, like everything else between the pair, they share and share alike from Nicole’s beauty drawer.

“He’ll use sometimes a little bit of oil or a little bit of whatever I’ve got,” Nicole Kidman divulges of her husband’s skincare habits, per MSN via CoverNews.  Of course, it’s always the girls who put the effort into soft skin and long lashes– for the guys, it just seems to happen.

Nicole deems that Keith Urban has “really, really sturdy skin, and it’s great skin,” despite many hours in the sun.  Kidman loves running and swimming but must cover herself in clear zinc and sunscreen for safety. She prefers Sera Labs products for cleansing and rejuvenation in her “less is more” approach and skincare.  Lastly in her nighttime routine, she puts hair oil through her natural, lovely curls to alleviate any knots.  Finally, these lovebirds cozy up for a kiss good-night before lights out on another busy day in the life.

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