Morgan Wallen Gets Roasted Over Drastic New Look

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Morgan Wallen posted a simple image on his Instagram 2 days ago which has people dropping friendly insults left and right. What is everyone laughing about?

Who Is Morgan Wallen?

First, a brief history of Morgan Cole Wallen.  The American singer and songwriter was born in Sneedville, TN, and now lives in Nashville. He published his first song in 2014, titled “Stay,” which welcomed him into the world of country music.

However, 30-year-old Morgan only became famous because of his participation in the sixth season of The Voice. Though he didn’t make it past the top 20, Wallen still gained a large amount of attention for being on the show. Currently, Morgan’s most popular song is “Last Night,” released in 2023.

Morgan Wallen is not currently married, but he was once engaged to KT Smith. The two have a son together named Indigo, who is now a little over 3 years old. Although the couple has split, Smith and Wallen still equally co-parent Indigo. Morgan’s current relationship status is unknown.

Morgan Wallen Posts A Fresh Look

On Morgan’s recent Instagram post, fans are blessed with a plain half-body photograph of the singer. Nothing is all that special about it, there is a scenic background behind Wallen, but it’s blurred. There is nothing spectacular about his outfit or new haircut, either.

However, humor can be found in the songwriter’s stern and distant expression. The caption simply says, “Good morning.” Regardless of the simplicity, comments are full of frisky taunts about his style choice for the day. The post also is nearing 1 million likes.


Morgan Wallen’s photo also tags David Lehr, a photographer and fellow creator. It can be assumed that he was the one to take this photo. It is interesting that Morgan chose this picture to post, though, surely there was another picture taken by David. Maybe one that made the celebrity look less constipated?

Fans Roast Morgan Wallen’s New Fashion Choices

Members of Morgan’s community ate this picture up, but not in the way he might have expected. Instead of saying how nice he looked that day, they decided to drag him through the mud playfully. Average fans and verified creators grouped together to tell Morgan how they felt about this new look.

“I feel like you’re about to ask for my license and registration.” – DJ Ty Street.

“No more music. Morgan sells insurance now.” –Barret Brothers.

“Went from a daddy’s worst nightmare to ‘have her home by 9’.” –Heather Dahl.

“Morgan is in his ‘going as Travis Kelce for Halloween’ era.” – Justin Danger Nunley.

“Big top gun vibes.” – Bailey Zimmerman.

“Talk to me Goose.” –HARDY.

“Feels like you just told me ‘I’m not mad, just disappointed’.” – Anna Katsis.

“Looks like your trying to sell me solar panels 😂 good morning my dude.” – Adam Wachoowiak.

Whether he looks like a cop, an unhappy father, or a door-to-door salesman, people find humor in his collared v-neck and stern expression. What would you caption this photo?

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