Dolly Parton Brings Needed Dose Of Tranquility In TikTok Debut

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No matter the situation or circumstance, Dolly Parton finds a way to bring light and spread good to any soul around her.  At 75 glowing and ever-gorgeous years, the country music wonder wants everyone to know that things will be all right, even if it takes a good while longer for the vaccines that she hoped (and one of which she funded) to go into arms and vanquish the vicious virus of the pandemic.

In characteristic fashion, Dolly Parton made her down-home debut on the video-sharing platform, TikTok, feel as cozy and soothing as a cup of tea with a neighbor, as Showbiz CheatSheet and MSN per People confirm.  Everywhere Dolly goes, her spirit shines a ray of light that instantaneously seems to lift spirits, and TikTok proves no exception.  She’s already racking up the followers!

Knock, knock Dolly’s here!

Remarkably, while traditional Sunday night TV viewers split time between Sunday Night Football and the triumphant reopening of Broadway announced by the 74th Tony Awards, Dolly Parton dropped in on her new social media home.

“Why, hello, I guess I’m on TikTok,” Dolly Parton declares with the casual ease of a knock at the door.  Her handle, @itsdollyparton, suggests the same intimate tone between folks who have been friends for years, and clearly, Dolly’s fans feel the love.

“I just dropped in to say that it will be okay,” Dolly Parton affirms. “You keep the faith.”  Indeed, Dolly Parton’s life vindicates that faith, love, determination, and unending hard work seeds the ground for success.  She echoes the struggle for the most basic needs endured by her parents and their family of 12 in innumerable stories and songs.  Heroes and “sheroes” aren’t born.  They are forged by trials and the willingness to survive and thrive in spite of them.  Dolly Parton is a resilient emblem of spiritual fortitude.

Naturally, closing her initial TikTok visit as only Dolly Parton can, she offers a tender melody as an uplifting memory.  Launching into a string of “woo-woo’s” with her one-of-a-kind voice, the unmatched songwriter assures “If I can do it, so can you….”

Followers multiply to millions for Dolly Parton

No doubt, Dolly Parton’s song was brief, but her huge heart took her followers to stratospheric numbers on TikTok. Just as with her music, the universal icon of good reaches across ages, genders, and genres. By this morning, the tally shows 4.5 million and counting for the new TikTok sensation.  Clearly, until now, most of the senior set stayed in areas of fitness videos or dance steps.  Dolly Parton has no medical degree, but she surely knows spiritual healing.

In all truth, Dolly Parton seized positivity from the start of the pandemic.  She refuses to surrender to fate.  Instead, she embraces faith, as noted by her “fairy goddaughter,” Miley Cyrus, in the profile tribute she dedicates to her beloved kindred by bond, not blood.  From her basement, Parton urged her countless faithful fans to see that God uses times like these to build faith and see one another “with eyes of love.” Of course, Dolly never forgets the fun, either.  She revived her famous “Dollyisms” over the holidays to keep things light and bright.

Like a miracle, the masses of fans flock to the newly crowned Queen of the platform.  One loyalist writes “now I’ve died and gone to heaven” with the initiation of Dolly Parton.  Though Parton utterly glowed in her sun-yellow and blue and yellow print pants, the joy in her hand-twirling shuffle before the song does the trick.  Another overjoyed follower insists that Dolly’s message “cured my acne, paid off my debt, healed my psoriasis and fed my soul.”  Certainly, Parton’s tender words only made it feel like life’s burdens disappeared, but that’s the point of Dolly Parton magic.

Dolly is a vessel for divine intervention

As it happens, Dolly has a good friend from the Broadway stage.  Kristin Chenoweth graced her own massive audience with the performance of “For in him Good” from her timeless turn in Wicked at the Tony Awards with Idina Menzel.  On the same night, the country girl from Oklahoma and the Tennessee treasure from Sevier County sing a song in their own way about how good can come in circumstances no one comprehends and transform life forever.  Somehow, in the perfect timing, the days “When Life Is Good Again” will return.  In the meantime, Dolly just keeps being Dolly!

Not so coincidentally, Country Music Alley conveys the epitome of friends helping friends between Dolly Parton and her revered cohort, Loretta Lynn.  Although Dolly never took the stage for the recent Hometown Rising benefit event, she never ignored the devastation of the Tennessee floods in the wake of Hurricane Ida.  The Dolly Parton attractions in Pigeon Forge designate the October 2 weekend for a portion of all ticket sales to go to the United Way of Humphreys County on behalf of relief efforts.

Whether she’s on a stage, a video, or singing sweetly on TikTok, Dolly Parton always knows how to make a difference in a day!

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