Loretta Lynn

Not surprisingly, Dolly Parton’s words carry significant weight in the country music community and beyond.  The entertainment dynamo put it straight to those fearing the vaccine against the virus, which her million-dollar donation helped to fund for the world, admonishing “Don’t be a chicken squat—go on and get the shot!” Recently, Country Music Alley related
That’s what friends are for! Here’s how country icon Dolly Parton is helping Loretta Lynn raise funds for flood recovery. Loretta Lynn’s hometown devastated by floods In late August, devastating floods hit Humphreys County in Tennessee. The county is home to Loretta Lynn and her famous Ranch. The flooding left the ranch property severely damaged
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Streaming service Disney Plus surprise-dropped all five seasons of the cult classic The Muppet Show. The series ran from 1976-1981 and featured entertainers from all genres as guests. Some of the prominent guests include Elton John, actor Steve Martin, comic George Burns and rocker Alice Cooper. There were just two requirements for guests: be funny