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Completely and unabashedly, Dolly Parton savors being herself. Down to her last sparkling, studded rhinestone from the countless stage dresses and gowns of her wardrobe to the simple, comfy house clothes that the country music marvel lovingly calls “baby clothes,” Dolly Parton feels marvelous in her own skin, as she discussed openly with Norah O’Donnell
Without a single shred of doubt, maintaining a thriving country music career for years is near impossible, and building a solid marriage simultaneously is superhuman in these times. When it comes to enduring true-life love stories, though, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill top the list as country music megastars, genuine artists, and marriage heroes. While
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Without a doubt, to her ever-devoted multitudes of faithful fans, Dolly Parton is more than a country music marvel. For most of her faithful, the kinship they share with the unparalleled performer, songwriter, author, and global ambassador of giving is like that between dear friends. Even with hometowns far distant from the Tennessee Smoky Mountains,